Men over the age of 60 find their sexual desires decreasing, as well as their ability to have sexual intercourse. Some younger men also cannot obtain an erection, or find a loss of erection during intercourse. This condition is called erectile dysfunction. There are a number of drugs that have made a splash in the market, which men can use to overcome this condition. Viagra, Cialis and Levitra are the most popular drugs taken in cases of erectile dysfunction, and are classed as PDE-5 inhibitors. They work by relaxing the blood vessels and muscles of the penis, and causing the blood vessels to fill with blood – causing a natural erection. Uprima, on the other hand, works on the part of the brain called the hypothalamus, which produces a chemical called dopamine. This is responsible for causing an erection. The end result of both types of medication is the same, however they work differently.

Uprima is a fast dissolving flavoured tablet that, when placed under the tongue, dissolves into the blood stream, causing a faster reaction. It is reported that response after taking Uprima can take as little as 5 minutes. The advantage of Uprima is that it can be taken at any time without loosing its effectiveness. The major ingredient in Uprima is apomorphine, which has been used extensively in recent years to treat Parkinson’s disease. Uprima is currently being marketed in UK and Europe and has not entered the US market as yet.

This drug must not be taken along with any other medications that interact with dopamine. It is not a permanent cure for erectile dysfunction or impotency, and will not protect against sexually transmitted diseases. It is not meant for use by women and children. The only side effect reported by this medicine is nausea. If you feel a drop in blood pressure or any other condition, you must immediately get medical help.