Arimidex or Anastrozole is a non-steroidal aromatase inhibitor which has been recently designed. This drug is a very effective treatment for breast cancer since it can proficiently stop aromatase activity and does not even cause any effect enzymes which are engaged in the biosynthesis of other adrenal steroids. For this reason, the activity of this drug is significantly more specific compared to aminoglutethimide. This attribute also makes it more bearable for the user. According to many types of research as well, this medication is superior inhibitor compared to earlier therapies. These also include numerous such treatments in which the patient responded positively to Arimidex after not responding to Tamoxifen (Nolvadex). As a matter of fact, Arimidex is the most effective and reliable compared to all the other inhibitors.

The advised Arimidex dosage is 1 mg once per day which is the lowest dosage that has proved to generate the highest suppression of estrogen levels. To spite expectations of a better outcome, a dosage of up to 10 mg per day did not show a significant boost to the long-standing response rate.

Normally, 1 mg will produce estrogen suppression near 100% because of which there is no real requirement for the athletes to take more of it. Moreover, as this drug is very expensive, most people will not be able to do it anyways. Tamoxifen will normally cost around $1 per tablet, whereas anastrozole will cost around $10. Owing to this price factor, many people adhere to take lower dosages like 1-2 tablets per day or they modify the timetable to save money.